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Hi guys! This month we want to teach you something different! We want you to enter a little bit more inside Italian summer and to give a glimpse in our Italian trends!
So, here we are! This is how we like to enjoy ourselves during hot summer nights: Limojito Bertagnolli, by Distilleria Bertagnolli.


  • Raw sugar (1 ½ spoon per cocktail)
  • 1 handful fresh mint leaves (around 4 or 5 leaves per cocktail)
  • Lemons
  • Chilled Limoncel Bertagnolli
  • Chilled soda water (Schweppes)
  • Crushed ice


Pre-crush the ice and have it ready in a bowl.
Take the raw sugar (1 ½ spoon per cocktail) and put it in a bowl with lemon slices, fresh mint and delicately crush them all together with the help of a muddler, then put the mixture in a Mojito glass.
Fill the Mojito glass with the crushed ice – if the ice overflows don’t panic it will melt when you pour over the other ingredients. Finally add Limoncel Bertagnolli and finish with soda. Decorate the cocktail with slice of lemon and two big size straws and mint leaves to your liking.

That’s it! #LimojitoBertagnolli is a fresh and light cocktail with a very Italian spirit! Cheers!

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