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Gran Riserve

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140° ANNIVERSARIO Grappa Riserva

Teroldego, 2, 3 and 5 years in Barrique

140° ANNIVERSARIO Grappa Riserva

Created in 2010 to celebrate the 140th Anniversary of the founding of the Bertagnolli Distillery, Grappa Riserva Teroldego Trentino 100% is naturally aged 2, 3, and 5 years in French oak barrels

  • Pomace

    Teroldego Trentino 100%, harvested fresh and moist for distillation

  • Distillation

    Alembic with a steam-fired discontinuous artisanal system.
  • Natural Aging

    A blend of one grappa aged in 3 different ways (2, 3, and 5 years) in small barriques of Allier and Limousine oak. Bottled without the addition of flavours or caramel
  • Organoleptic Features

    Colour: intense amber
    Aroma: particularly intense and harmonious, with a slight hint of vanilla
    Taste: velvety, intense, vanilla, dried bakery

  • Alcohol Content

    40% Vol.

  • Serving Temperature

    Between 14°C and 17°C, though during the summer months lower temperatures are advised.


140° ANNIVERSARIO Grappa Riserva

Our advice


Before tasting Grappa, it should be left to breathe for short time, allowing you to appreciate the correct balance between the scent and taste of this distilled spirit

Glass: cognac ballon.

Perfect moments to drink Grappa

Due to its unique elegance and persistency, Grappa can be enjoyed during unconventional appetizers with mouldy cheese & chutney or, as it is more commonly sipped, at the end of a meal when the conversation is at its deepest…

Grappa in the kitchen

Maybe you’ve never considered that Grappa can be an excellent cooking ingredient. Here are just some tips of how it can be used, you can pour a small glass of Grappa Bertagnolli on meat while roasting it, or on rice while you’re toasting it to make risotto.