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16 July, 2018

BERTAGNOLLI REWARDED WITH 3 PRESTIGIOUS MEDALS BY 2018 ISW - Meiningers International Spirits Award




Distilleria Bertagnolli is proud to announce 3 prestigious awards recently received by ISW 2018 - Meiningers International Spirits Award, annual contest held in Germany where the most relevant labels and distilleries are present from all over the world.  Great satisfaction, once again!


3 new medals have been assigned to Bertagnolli for the Grappa attending the contest: the historic and iconic Gran Grappino®, the aromatic and elegant Grappa di Moscato Giallo Trentino and the outstanding K24 Grappa Riserva Bertagnolli – yet rewarded during the last years contests.

This confirms the high quality of our products and the commitment of Bertagnolli in producing with steady passion and perseverance. 

The evaluation process, is based on visual, nose and tasting weighted rates for a maximum of 100 scores. Each drink is tasted and valuated by a panel of independent experts. The goal of the contest is to find excellence and be a landmark and guarantee the quality for the final customer.

The awards assigned to Bertagnolli in 2018 are:

  • Gran Grappino® – SILVER MEDAL
  • Grappa di Moscato Giallo Trentino – GOLD MEDAL
  • K24 Grappa Riserva 24 mesi barrique – GOLD MEDAL



***Gran Grappino® Bianco Bertagnolli***


Iconic and historical Grappa, produced by Distilleria Bertagnolli since its founding year, since1870. It is a refined and elegant grappa characterized by enchanting softness.

Top Scores: Fresh, Fine, Fruity and Typical Grappa.


***Grappa Moscato Giallo Trentino Bertagnolli***


The buoyant explosion of aromas and scents of selected pomace of the Moscato Giallo Trentino grape cultivated on the hills of the region. It is a refined and elegant grappa characterized by unique fragrance.

Top Scores: Fresh, Fruity, Spicy, Balanced, Typical and Floral Grappa.


***K24 Grappa Riserva - 24 months barrique Bertagnolli***


A rich and enveloping chorus of aromas and scents, harmonized in barrique for over 24 months. Blend of finely selected quality pomace of Teroldego, Chardonnay and Gewürztraminer grapes from the vineyards of Trentino, harvested fresh and moist for distillation.

Top Scores: Balanced Aging in Wood, Typical, Dried Fruit Grappa.



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