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24 april 2018

Bertagnolli at Vinitaly 2018: new labels and grappa as surprising ingredient in the blending art of making cocktails


Bertagnolli, historic and iconic family-run distillery founded in 1870 in Trentino (Northern Italy, Dolomites – UNESCO World Heritage Site), premium producer of distillates, has introduced the new collection of refined Grappe d’Italia Oro and a stand-out-from-the-crowd drink: GIBI Spirito Italiano. Bertagnolli attests its projection towards new target consumers, contest and market, and times of consumption.


The 52nd Vinitaly Edition has been a special time for Distilleria Bertagnolli’s staff to meets professionals and spirits lovers from all over the world joining the 4 days of kermesse, held on annual base in Verona as from 1967.

The new collection Grappe d’Italia Oro is the result of a fine research of Italian exclusive excellence: a selection of three elegant, smooth and pleasant grappa obtained through the distillation of the finely selected pomace from the most representative Italian grapes of Brunello Montalcino, Amarone Valpolicella and Prosecco Valdobbiadene. The distillation with discontinuous steam alembics enhances the distinctive traits and personalities of these renowned and prominent Italian grape varieties; the natural aging process in oak barrels gives a refined taste and a slight scent of vanilla, butter and spice flavours to the grappa, which results fragrant, smooth, velvety-textured, and persistent.

Brand-new GIBI Spirito Italiano: a noble blend of grappa and brandy is wisely refined in French oak barrels to create the innovative Italian spirit that combines refinement and rich sensations. GIBI offers an almost hedonistic taste of grape, but with a touch of softness and sharpness, since it matches the structure of the grappa and the elegance of the brandy. For these reasons, it is an enjoyable and fresh drink. Being also dedicated to the millennials, GIBI is a “4 seasons” drink exquisite for aperitives, ideal served «on the rocks», or blend as ingredient to create an exciting number of truly delicious cocktails – easily mixed to Cola or Tonic Water, among the others…

Among those who take the consumption of grappa as a challenge, there are best expert bartenders who are providing us with many ideas on how grappa can be enjoyed in some very thrilling ways. At Vinitaly 2018, a further novelty has been introduced: top bartenders created and presented new finest craft cocktails, from the classics to the new era recipes, by using clear and refined grappa. Grappa-cocktails truly took drinkers for a ride of a lifetime!

Distilleria Bertagnolli not only keeps being sensible to its target audience, but also supports an innovative approach to its distillates, by promoting contemporary trends and new contest and occasions for consumption.

Tradition and innovation are harmoniously blended to achieve new and exciting goals.



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