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From 1870, Trentino's oldest Distillery



Among ancient secrets and innovation.

The origin of Premiata Distilleria G. Bertagnolli dates back to 1870 when the rich landowner of one of the largest wineries in the Piana Rotaliana Giulia de Kreutzenberg married Edoardo Bertagnolli, forebear of the family and heir to an established pharmaceutical business. Giulia's passion combined with Edoardo's experience in the use of stills for distilling using the water bath method resulted in the production of distillates of excellent quality.

Historical milestones highlight entrepreneurial prowess

Since 1870 historical milestones highlight the Bertagnolli's entrepreneurial prowess, the first european Distillery using water bath method completely controlled by a computer during the distillation process to guarantee a high quality level.

1949 Introduction of the Zadra Column

Franco and Mario Bertagnolli introduced the Zadra Column, an innovation in the distillation process created by the craftsman Zadra of Trento. The Zadra Column is an important feature for the selection and concentration of alcohol vapours that enables a distillation with the "water bath" method by integrating the old system, based on the direct flow from a cauldron to the cooling coil through a gooseneck with a new milder heating system, which better maintains flavours and fragrances of the original grape pomace.

1951 Process Innovation

To better capture all the organoleptic characteristics from the grape pomace necessary in obtaining a product rich in aroma and taste, the Bertagnollis introduced an ingenious shaking system. A mixing shaft was inserted into the boiler to ensure the continuous shaking of the raw material, thereby optimizing the process during the removal of alcohol from the grape pomace.


1952 From the oil based to the steam-based water bath method In the 1952 the traditional oil based water bath distillation system was replaced by a steam-based method. The steam-based method improved the quality of the grappa by maintaining a more controlled and constant temperature of the still. This represented a fundamental step forward in the history of Distilleria Bertagnolli, that enabled the company to create grappas in compliance with the traditions of Trentino region while using advanced technology.

The 1990s: The turning point

First in Europe, Distilleria Bertagnolli implemented computer monitoring of distillation in water bath discontinuous stills. The computers allowed iterative and automatic sophisticated reading of temperatures and process parameters that has eliminated all potential for human errors in the distillation process.


Today the company is managed since the 1987 and 1989 by the fourth Bertagnolli generation, the cousins Livia and Beppe. Their entrepreneurial dynamism has brought constant growth, thanks to their continuous introduction of advanced research, development, implementation and controls. Tradition, innovation, quality and prestige are the strengths of the Bertagnolli's business, an art carried on through time, faithful to it's noble origins.


Just like the best grape pomace, Distilleria Bertagnolli is itself in a state of ferment, the outcome of which will be an excellent quality product. A new distillation facility is currently being tested that will once again revolutionise the current system of discontinuous stills used up until now.