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Distilleria Bertagnolli facilities are alembic with steam-fired "waterbath" discontinuous system, created by Bertagnolli Family entrepreneurial prowess.

In the discontinuous method, 1,600 pounds of pomace are mixed with 1,600 distilled water pounds and brought to boil through the steam-fired waterbath discontinuous system for quite two hours.During this slow distillation, the pomace is continuously mixed to obtain all the possible aromas from the marc.

The extracted alcohol vapors is collected in the alembics, selected through the Zadra column and than refrigerated getting Grappa, not aggressive but soft, rich in flavour and aromas. All the temperature inside the alembic, the selection column and the refrigeration column are controlled by a computer, to guarantee a perfect and homogenous grappa. The state of the art stills enable the distillation of customised grappas with the "water bath" system.

The continued care and passion for the art of water bath distillation necessitated the introduction of meaningful changes in the traditional stills in order to achieve the best quality product. Distilleria Bertagnolli studied and implemented an efficient water flow monitoring system for cooling the columns that cut down the possibility for human error in this important phase of the distillation process.

The new equipment enabled the distillation of 500 to 600 kilograms of grape pomace in each cauldron for each boil. With this new capacity, the Bertagnollis were able to produce very limited and precious productions (such as Moscato Rosa, Traminer and Sorbo dell'Uccellatore).

Just like a tailor's shop, distilleria Bertagnolli produces customised grappas made to special order. Because of this innovation, for over thirty years many wineries throughout Italy have relied on the company to distil their own grape pomace, assured of the high quality of the Bertagnolli distillation process. Copper is the ideal metal used to build the Betagnolli stills. Thanks to its renowned heat conduction properties, copper helps to achieve excellent results in the delicate phase of distillation.