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CSQA ‘IFS Food’ mark

Innovation within tradition, and commitment to improving quality standards are the mainstay of the company philosophy of the award-winning G Bertagnolli Distillery. Their numerous efforts made in this regard have been rewarded with the receipt of the IFS Food certification issued by CSQA, with the highest rating: Higher Level version 6, of April 2014.

This certification, recognised both Europe-wide and globally, is a standard relating to food security that aims to strengthen and promote food security throughout the whole supply chain.

Its main elements are:

  • adoption of good practice adoption of the HACCP system
  • adoption of a well-documented quality management system
  • standard monitoring of: working environment; products; production processes and employee well-being
  • existence of appropriate specifications for:
    • raw materials (including packaging materials)
    • end products
    • intermediate/part-processed products (where requested)
    • supplier monitoring
    • site position
    • generation, collection and disposal of waste
    • hygiene standards and provision of hygiene facilities for employees
    • process inspections