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13 July 2017



Great satisfaction at Distilleria Bertagnolli for the Silver Medal won by K24 Grappa Riserva by Bertagnolli - blend of finely selected quality pomace of Teroldego, Chardonnay and Gewürztraminer grapes from the vineyards of Trentino, aged over 24 months in fine French oak barrels.

Distilleria Bertagnolli proudly announces the prestigious acknowledgment which has just been confirmed by the renowned ISW 2017 - Internationaler Spirituosen Wettbewerb, the annual international competition held in Germany, featuring the most important labels and the most prestigious producers of spirits, distillates, liqueurs, anchors and alcopops coming from all over the world.

The evaluation method, which includes a weighted score for visual, olfactory, taste and overall harmony evaluation, assigns a maximum score of 100 points to the competing products. Each distillate is tasted and evaluated by a selected tasting commission consisting of a panel of 5-6 experts from various research institutes, manufacturers, trade and gastronomy representatives.

One of the goals of the ISW, as well as identifying excellence, is also to be a benchmark and a quality guarantee for clients and customers.

The Silver Medal obtained from K24 Grappa Riserva Bertagnolli goes beyond a rich ISW recognition carnet, among which we remember the most recent:

  • Gold Medal 2016 for Gran Grappino® Bianco,
  • Silver Medal 2016 for Grappa di Moscato Giallo Trentino, and
  • Silver Medal 2016 for K24 Grappa Riserva Bertagnolli.

K24 Grappa Riserva Bertagnolli, a rich and enveloping chorus of aromas and scents to try, taste and love.


 K24 Grappa Riserva Bertagnolli – Technical profile

 POMACE: blend of finely selected quality pomace of Teroldego, Chardonnay and Gewürztraminer grapes from the vineyards of Trentino, harvested fresh and moist for distillation

DISTILLATION: Discontinuous steam alembics


  • COLOUR: intense shade of amber
  • AROMA: fragrant, slightly aromatic, persistent, vanilla-flavoured
  • TASTE: refined and elegant, velvety, structured and vanilla-flavoured


SERVING TEMPERATURE: Between 14°C and 17°C.

NATURAL AGING: Over 24 months in fine French oak barrels. Bottled with no flavours or caramel


More info:

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